There are two forces in play in our world at any given time.  The easiest to see is how you react to particular situations. The more difficult is how you feel about these particular situations.  The first is called the outer game because you are reacting to a particular stimuli and the latter is referred to as the inner game because you are reacting to feelings which can’t be quantified.

Which of these two forces are the most important?   This is an extremely difficult question.  The outer game of life is how you react to a particular situation based on your experience, intellect, and knowledge of the circumstance.   The inner game of life is much more profound because it deals with your feelings of self-esteem, self-worth and self appreciation.

The outer game of life is dependent upon you reacting to another person who is in a position of authority.  You are tasked to do certain things and basically just go ahead and do it because you are told to do so.  You may not like it but you’ll do it because the authoritarian figure has dictated so.  Examples of this are being given an order by a superior in a military role or your boss telling you to do something and you just go ahead and do it.  They may require an intellectual process, but your ability to question it is not there.

The inner game deals with how you feel about certain situations. It is based on your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-determination.  These constructs are much different than the outer game because these are the things that drive you to be who you are.

Which one of these of the most important?  In actuality, they both are because one is predicated on the other.   If you are directed by an exogenous force to do something and you feel really bad about it, you may not do it as well as you could or see it through with the same fervor that you would normally. On the other man, if you feel strongly about what is being asked of you, you most likely will do it with more zeal and enthusiasm and probably do a better job.

How is the knowledge of this useful?  It’s real simple, you should find something, whether it be a profession, sport, recreation, or work that appeals to your self-worth, self-esteem and your basic personality.  In doing these things to the best of your ability, you will maximize your efforts both internally and externally.  This will produce maximum results.

Be that person who can make work feel like play.  It takes practice, determination and direction.  The rewards are worth it.


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