How often have you set by yourself and pondered over a situation and finally said to yourself “are you serious?”   I am sure the answer to that question is more than once.

Our brain works at an amazing speed.  We usually think of things at a rate of approximately 200 words per minute which we call internal dialogue or just plain gibberish.   Sometimes, however, this gibberish has incredible insight attached to it because we let our filters down and we become one with the universe.  In those moments of extreme insight we are able to discern multiplicities of phenomenon.   It is said that songwriters, inventors and other astounding individuals find their best insight when they are not thinking of anything but just letting their mind roam free.

One day, while in one of those crazed states, I started to think of what would happen if I had more money than a new what to do with.  You know, like in the commercial that ends” Yeah, that rich.”   If we take money out of the equation of most things, it becomes easier to think and even easier to plan.  It seems that the more filters we put upon ourselves the more we limit ourselves rather than expand our horizons.

Why not dream like the philosophers of old and get into that great meditative state were all is possible. We seem to develop too many filters or constraints that limit our abilities to expand our horizons.  We are constantly kept in check by our conscious mind, and not allowing our unconscious mind to roam free in the universe.

How come under extreme circumstances people do things that are otherwise unfathomable, like lifting cars to free their children or running hundreds of yards of what would be considered a demolished or a mobile leg.  These acts are without conscious awareness and allow our body the freedom to express itself to the fullest.

What would happen if we thought we could rather than to think of the myriad of things that prevent us from.  What would happen if we he get out of our way and let our brightness shine?  What would happen if we allowed ourselves to think of what was possible, rather than to limit ourselves as to the negativity that surrounds us all the time?

I am serious in saying that if you are serious about growing mentally you need to get out of your way and dream.


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