WOW Factor

Why is it that most people go through their entire life hoping they would change and “puff” change comes.  Why is that?  It is true that the majority of individuals goes through life, day after day doing the same thing in the same way and can’t figure out why they are getting the same results.  By the way that is the definition of insanity.

How can effect change in our lives?  It is through a strong belief that it is possible, coupled with determination, persistence, forgiveness and the icing on the cake is a positive attitude.

You first must take stock of yourself and truly believe that it is possible for you to change.  Most people are too “stuck in their stuff” to even see that they can change.  Once you clear the cob webs from your eyes, you will realize that there are infinite possibilities for you to facilitate change within yourself.  Then, WRITE THEM DOWN.  The idea of writing these changes down causes a movement in the psyche.  The conscious mind is directive or has choice, where the unconscious mind, basically just does what it’s told.  That’s why if you tell yourself enough times that you are unworthy your unconscious mind will go ahead and try to make you unworthy.  Why would you self sabotage yourself by doing this but, in actuality, most people do.  So the first construct is for you truly believe that you can change.

The next piece of the puzzle is determination.  You must want this change so badly, that you will do what is necessary to accomplish it. This may mean to give up something, or to change a habitual situation or to look at a challenge in a different light or direction.  Something must change and you are determined to do what is necessary to facilitate this alteration.  Now you have drive, now you have purpose, now you have persistence.

It is the persistence, that “put your head do and go” frame of mind that will take you across the finish line of success. Most people give up way to soon and declare this project is a failure.  It is too bad that we do not have a crystal ball to illuminate the finish line.  Persistence, persistence, persistence is necessary because without it you would never have drive to accomplish anything.

The one quality that we all possess for other people and situations is forgiveness.  How come we don’t have that ability to forgive ourselves?  We are human-we make mistakes, why is it so difficult for us to forgive ourselves?  We must love ourselves unconditionally and forgive ourselves for the mistakes we make.  However, the key is not to repeat those mistakes-learn from them and move on.

The final piece of the WOW Factor is a positive attitude.  I don’t care if you just had the worst day imaginable, there must have been one situation, interaction or gift that was positive.  Concentrate on that and repeat it in your head. Our minds go where we direct them, why not look for the good instead of recapitulating the bad.

As Zig Zigler said “If you do that, I will surely see you at the top”.


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