There he was, in all his glory, holding the trophy high.   He is the champion, the one to emulate and admire.  He was the best at what he did that day.  The other contestants may have fallen short of the ultimate goal but rest assured they put in a tremendous amount of effort to get into the elite class. 

          In sport, as in life, we fall short of our goals more times than we succeed.  The learning curve must be designed so that these” so-called” negative experiences become useful tools to ultimately reach the outcome.  Yesterday, Phil Mickelson came from five shots down, to capture the British Open.  A month before he had been leading in the US open and for the sixth time came in a crushing second-place.  He used this incredible disappointment as a motivation for winning.  This is the sign of a true champion.

          Not having enough talent to make his high school basketball team, Michael Jordan went on to be the best there ever was at basketball.  In his induction speech at the basketball Hall of Fame he said he said he used that disappointment as motivation. 

          These are examples of individuals who have a burning desire for greatness. Each one of us is hardwired for greatness.  You may not believe it but it’s true. We all have individual talents in which we excel. but, most of us really don’t think that we are worthy.  The greatest challenge that one has in life is to be able to control his or her own thoughts.  To be a true champion, one must first be a champion between our two ears.  We must think like champions, act like champions  and feel like champions in order to change our physiological makeup.  Of course, this is much easier said than done.

          If you try your very best to accomplish an outcome and fall short, you are that champion in the making.  Find out what part of that experience failed to work and find another avenue to explore.  As you learn from each one of these so-called setbacks or roadblocks you will find that the path to your true calling will be revealed.   You must be flexible enough to allow the universe to show you the way. This may sound rather ethereal, but true inspiration comes from letting go and trusting.

          There will always be individuals who will be able to do what you want to accomplish faster and/or better.   This fact really is irrelevant because there may be only one Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan, but remember that there is also a baseball and basketball Hall of Fame.  To be considered one of the best in anything that you do, is to truly be a champion.




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